Indictrans, in collaboration with Frappe, successfully organized the Frappe Local Pune 2023 conference. The event garnered significant acclaim, attracting a robust attendance of over 40 enthusiastic participants. The event featured enlightening presentations focused on the Manufacturing, Trading, and EPC sectors. Furthermore, the chance to engage with fellow ERPNext enthusiasts contributed to the event’s triumphant outcome.


For the past two years, Indictrans had been planning a collaborative event with Frappe in Pune. However, due to obstacles like the Covid pandemic, our efforts to organize it were hindered. Kanhaiya took the initiative and, with unwavering support from our team, successfully orchestrated this significant event in Pune. Aachal and Tejas, alongside the Admin and HR Team, played pivotal roles in organizing the event at the foundational level. They managed everything from coordinating with the Frappe team to marketing the event and structuring its flow. This event provided our team with a valuable opportunity to achieve a milestone for Indictrans – bringing together ERPNext enthusiasts and industry experts from the Manufacturing, Trading, and EPC sectors.


Guess what? we had the honor of hosting more than 40 guests and fervent ERPNext enthusiasts, not only from Pune and its nearby areas but also from Madurai, Surat, and Mumbai. The response exceeded our expectations, as we had anticipated a higher turnout based on registrations and WhatsApp confirmations, and the event proved us right. For those, who are new to Frappe Technologies, Frappe is a technology company who is behind the world’s most agile ERP, the ERPNext. The ERPNext is developed on the Frappe Framework, which is the core of all, it is easiest to code and customize the Low Code No Code Framework.  

The question arises: Why did organizations and enthusiasts choose to attend this event instead of waiting for the upcoming Frappeverse Conference? After all, they could have brought their queries and questions to Frappeverse 2023. This one-day Frappe Local Conference aimed to address precisely this query and shed light on how collective expertise could aid in overcoming their pain points.

On the day of the event, the Indictrans Team was at the forefront, and the presence of the Frappe Team strengthened Indictrans’s efforts. Before delving into the core subject matter, we commenced with an introduction to Indictrans. Who better to introduce Indictrans than Kanhaiya? He led us through Indictrans’s journey thus far. However, a fundamental query emerges: How did Indictrans attain Gold Partner status? And how did its journey with Frappe and ERPNext initiate? Kanhaiya, being the expert he is, left no stone unturned, elucidating these aspects in a well-structured and comprehensive manner.

The narrative of Indictrans’s journey is incomplete without introducing Frappe, and rightfully so – after all, they are our steadfast partners. Kundendu and Parth from Frappe, two dedicated enthusiasts we consistently rely on, kicked off the session with an overview of Frappe and its upcoming products. As anticipated, the attendees came prepared with questions for this segment. The moment the session concluded, a barrage of questions was directed at Kundendu and Parth. The features and pricing of the New Hybrid Frappe Cloud, however, remain shrouded in surprise. We share in the excitement surrounding these features, the pricing model, and, most notably, the imminent release of ERPNext version 15.

The conference’s standout feature undeniably revolved around the impactful presentations and case studies within the Manufacturing, Trading, and EPC sectors. We extend our appreciation to Krishank and Karandeep for their profound ERPNext expertise. Krishank, an accomplished Chartered Accountant with over 7 years of experience in major ERPs like Oracle and SAP, brings a wealth of industrial knowledge and technical know-how across diverse sectors. His readiness to share this extensive knowledge at any given time is remarkable.

Krishank’s demonstration of ERPNext within the Manufacturing and EPC domains was particularly noteworthy. With a strong grasp of his audience’s attention, he showcased his skillset effectively during the event. His adeptness at engaging the audience was evident, resulting in an interactive session that left participants thoroughly impressed and brimming with inquiries.

Although relatively new to the ERP domain, Karandeep’s expertise shines through in his presentations, leaving no room to doubt his proficiency. Despite his newcomer status, he articulates his thoughts with the finesse of a seasoned ERP enthusiast. His forte lies in his aptitude for absorbing new information about ERPNext on a daily basis. Leveraging his extensive knowledge and experience in serving clients within the Trading sector, he conducted a comprehensive demonstration of ERPNext tailored for the trading industry.

Indeed, the conference encompassed more than just informative sessions; it served as a platform for the closely-knit ERPNext community to come together. Amidst sips of tea, like-minded enthusiasts engaged in fruitful networking, exchanging insights, experiences, and fostering a sense of camaraderie that left an indelible mark on this assembly. This essence of togetherness made the event exceptionally memorable. Ultimately, the value lies in the knowledge and insights we derive from such an occasion, and the subsequent implementation of these takeaways within our respective businesses.