ERPNext, the Catalyst Behind A Leading Electronics Manufacturing Company

This case study explores into the transformative journey of an Emerging Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company based in India. The organization, which caters to a wide range of industries, has over 100 concurrent users and anticipates a threefold increase in users over the next five years. Prior to adopting ERPNext, the company relied heavily on […]

My 10th Work Anniversary

10th Work Anniversary

It is an honor and a privilege to celebrate my 10th work anniversary with the Indictrans Team. Ten years ago, I embarked on a journey filled with excitement, anticipation, and a bit of nervousness. Little did I know that this journey would unfold into an incredible chapter of my life, characterized by growth, learning, and […]

It is still Day 1

ERPNext Planning

The entrepreneurial journey is a lengthy one, and consistent effort is the key to success. As someone wise once said, “It is still day 1,” reminding us to persevere relentlessly. The year 2023 ushered in numerous impactful events. It was a period where our focus shifted entirely from SMEs to Enterprises—a challenging transition. Each step […]

HR & Payroll of ERPNext For You

HR & Payroll Webinar

Interested in knowing @ERPNext efficiency in managing conditional salary computations and bulk processing for a large workforce? HR & Payroll of ERPNext is For You, an insightful webinar Speaker: Karandeep Singh Renu, Karandeep a Frappe HR & Payroll Certified Functional Consultant. He is a seasoned expert in ERPNext. One of his remarkable achievements includes overseeing […]

Optimizing Retail Operations with ERPNext Point of Sale (POS)

Did you know that data generated from POS transactions accounts for 51% of retailers’ most valuable information (according to The Motley Fool)? 💰📊 However, many organizations are using POS systems which are proprietary, and which requires costly license renewals. Why invest heavily in such systems when open-source POS solutions are readily available? 💡💸 Discover the […]

Intercompany Transactions Made Easy With ERPNext – Simplify Your Daily Transactions


Tired of Daily Intercompany Transaction Challenges? Discover the Ease with ERPNext… Webinar: Intercompany Transactions Made Easy With #erpnext – Simplify Your Daily Transactions 🎙 Speaker: Manojkumar Zaparde, Certified Functional Consultant at Indictrans and a dedicated ERPNext Consultant with a flair for teaching. With 5 years in the ERP field and 3 years specifically in ERPNext, […]

Essential Strategies for Successful ERPNext Implementation


🌐 #webinarrecap : Essential Strategies for Successful ERPNext #Implementation In case you missed it, our recent webinar shed light on the intricate world of ERPNext implementation, hosted by the Aachal Dhote, a seasoned ERPNext expert and Business Analyst at Indictrans. Here’s a glimpse of what was covered: 🎯 Critical Aspects of ERPNext Implementation 🚀 Success and Failure in ERP Implementation 🏆 […]

13th Egg

13th Egg

“American roads aren’t great because America is rich; rather, America is rich because its roads are good.” – John F Kennedy Thinking on similar lines, our services and processes thrive not just because we’re a recognized brand, but because our commitment and quality build a trustworthy name. Recently, I needed to fix my broken laptop, […]

Empowering Government Digitization with Open Source: A Deep Dive into ERPNext

Government Work

E-governance is the only way to move from good governance to proactive pro-people good governance (P2G2). — Narendra Modi The digitization of government operations is not just a trend but a necessity. With the rise of digitization in governance, the facilitation of citizen services and ease of doing business have increased. However, this digitization has […]