Solar Square Energy Private Limited, founded in 2015 by a team of highly skilled engineers from IIT Bombay, has quickly risen to prominence in the Indian rooftop solar installation industry. Their unwavering vision is to make clean energy affordable and accessible to all.  Solar Square’s dedication to excellence has propelled them to the 3rd position among rooftop solar companies in India. Their expertise and track record have garnered the trust of not only residential customers but also Fortune 500 companies. Their ability to deliver high-quality solar installations has resulted in an impressive daily completion rate of installations worth ₹30 lakhs. With over 100 members, the company is equipped with a diverse skill set and extensive experience in the solar industry. As Solar Square continues to grow and expand its operations, their mission to disrupt the distributed solar generation industry remains steadfast.

However, as Solar Square expanded its operations and client base, they encountered several challenges that impeded their efficiency and growth. One of the major obstacles they faced was the lack of a streamlined integrated enterprise process management system. Prior to implementing ERPNext, Solar Square relied on multiple tools and systems, leading to data silos and the need for manual data entry. This resulted in inefficiencies and increased the risk of errors in their processes.

Furthermore, Solar Square struggled with time-consuming and manual processes for gathering data from various systems to generate consolidated reports. This hindered their ability to gain real-time visibility into their overall financial performance. Inaccurate inventory valuation and challenges in tracking stock movements across different systems and locations further added to their operational difficulties. These challenges not only consumed valuable time and effort but also posed risks to accurate financial reporting and decision-making.

To overcome these challenges and streamline their operations, Solar Square recognized the need for an integrated ERP system. They decided to use integrated ERP and have decided to implement Open Source Technology based ERPNext. With reference from a previous client, Solar Square got engaged with “Indictrans earlier Solar Square were using multiple tools to manage their business processes.

Nikhil Nahar, Technical Director, Solar Square “personally appreciated the Indictrans team capabilities, he mentioned he liked the capability and business understanding of the team.”

This collaboration enabled Solar Square to implement ERPNext, which encompassed modules such as Accounting, Buying, Selling, Stock, Manufacturing, HR, Support, and Projects. This comprehensive suite of modules allowed Solar Square to automate their key business processes, streamline operations, and gain better control over their financial and inventory management.

One of the major challenges Solar Square faced was the lack of integration between their different systems, which resulted in data silos. With ERPNext, data integration became seamless, allowing for efficient information flow between departments and eliminating the need for manual data entry. Prior to implementing ERPNext, the process of gathering data from multiple systems for reporting purposes was time-consuming and prone to errors. With ERPNext, Solar Square gained the ability to generate consolidated reports in real-time, providing them with accurate and up-to-date information on their overall financial performance.

The accuracy of financial statements was also greatly enhanced through the implementation of ERPNext. The system facilitated the tracking and documentation of accounting impacts, ensuring that financial statements reflected the true financial position of the company. Solar Square’s inventory management processes were greatly streamlined with ERPNext. The system enabled them to track and reconcile stock movements across different systems and locations, minimizing discrepancies and improving the accuracy of inventory valuation and cost of goods sold calculations.

With the successful implementation of ERPNext, Solar Square achieved several expected business benefits.

  • The system enabled them to recognize income accurately and in a timely manner based on sales invoices, ensuring proper revenue recognition. 
  • Additionally, project cost calculations and milestone bill tracking were automated, saving time and effort for the Solar Square team. 
  • The advanced contract management capabilities provided by ERPNext allowed Solar Square to manage contracts effectively and automate margin calculations on orders and projects.
  • Budgeting at the item and project levels also empowered Solar Square to exercise greater control over expenses, identify deviations promptly, and manage costs effectively.

Recognizing the current volume of work and transactions along with potential for further growth in volume, we involved an OEM (Frappe), to provide priority support to address and fix any bugs in standard product or functionality and address scalability issues to give a smooth experience. Going further long into the future for Business Continuity and to mitigate a risk, Solar Square opted for the Frappe Enterprise Plan.

With a smooth process of implementation methodology, the project completed and went Go-Live. The Completion of this project successfully overcame Solar Squares operational challenges and streamlined their processes through the implementation of ERPNext. Currently the project is into the 2nd Phase where the Indictrans is involved in 3rd Party Software Integrations and Enhancements in ERPNext etc. 

The narrative of Solar Square and Indictrans stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and innovative solutions in driving transformative change within businesses. Through a strategic partnership and the implementation of a tailored solution, Solar Square and Indictrans have exemplified how businesses can achieve remarkable transformations. By harnessing the right vision, expertise, and collaborative spirit, any company can pave the way for success and unlock new opportunities for growth.