ERPNext and Third-Party Integration

Tech Leads are expected to be experts in product knowledge and technology, guiding developers in implementing solutions and mentoring them on coding and best practices. They oversee technical teams, troubleshoot issues, and possess extensive experience in software development. Effective leadership and collaboration skills are essential for their role.

What will you be doing?

  • Understanding functional requirements from Functional Consultants /Project Manager
  • Understanding ERPNext to convert functional requirements into technical scope
  • Read and understand scope document
  • Ability to write solution document
  • Create solutions to meet the functional requirements
  • Create WBS to implement the requirements
  • Planning work for the project with dates and estimates
  • Ensure that all tasks created are updated and with correct status
  • Ensure hours are logged on daily basis against each task
  • Understanding ERPNext to implement the tasks provided
  • Develop and test software based on client’s specifications
  • Manage updates and upgrades of ERPNext system for existing projects.
  • Ensure a smooth transition for current customizations with upgrades of Frappe and
  • Build full applications on Frappe framework from scratch as per project requirements.
  • Document their work for future references
  • Perform quality assurance on applications they develop or upgrade
  • Produce clean and efficient code with proper comments based on the specifications
  • Understand and Upgrade Knowledge of ERPNext and Frappe framework


What makes you a fit candidate for this role?

  • Technical Solution Designing and Architecting
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving skills
  • Attention to details
  • Team Player, Curiosity to learn new things
  • Coding and version management
  • Mentoring
  • Technical Documentation

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