Bren Corporationis a renowned real estate development company, led by the visionary Boopesh Reddy. For the over 10 years they have been working in real estate market. Bren Corporation had a rich history and a strong presence in the Real estate market. Over the years, they had successfully completed numerous projects, establishing themselves as a trusted name in the industry. However, as their operations expanded, they faced significant challenges that hindered their growth and operational efficiency.
One of the major obstacles Bren Corporation encountered was the lack of a centralized system that provided real-time access to HR & Payroll data across all their business units. This led to delays in decision-making and hindered collaboration among teams. The Bren corporation Includes 300+ employees across different business units, the salary processing other human resource functions were totally depended on manual processes which posed a risk of human errors, affecting data accuracy and operational efficiency. Recognizing the need for automation, Bren Corporation sought a solution that would streamline their operations and reduce the chances of errors.
They also faced the complexity of managing multiple salary structures within the organization, which added further challenges to their HR and payroll processes. This obstacle highlighted the urgency to find a comprehensive solution that could effectively handle their Attendance data, leave management, payroll processing and employee portal.

Due to the challenges they were facing, they recognized the need to implement an HR System that could effectively address their growing needs. In their search they found that ERPNext stood out as the most suitable choice for their business as it contains all HR functions including leaves, attendance, payroll, employee database, performance management, trainings etc. To implement ERPNext, Bren Corporation sought a solution partner, and that’s when they connected with Indictrans. The choice to partner with Indictrans was influenced by various factors. Indictrans’ 14+ years of experience in various domains including 400+ implementation across 70+ countries, their extensive knowledge about the Real Estate Domain, Qualified Team with extensive experienced in ERPNext product, and more importantly the Capability and Experience with Enterprise level Implementation, all played a role in Bren Corporation’s decision. The collaboration between Bren Corporation and Indictrans ensured a shared vision of transforming Human Resource operations through ERPNext.During the initial conversations, Bren Corporation shared their challenges with Indictrans, specifically involving their HR team, who faced significant obstacles within the HR function. Indictrans, in turn, showcased the capabilities of ERPNext through a live demo by functional experts, demonstrating how the system could effectively resolve the challenges faced by Bren Corporation and automate all the HR functions of Bren Corporation. Impressed by the potential benefits post demo sessions, Bren Corporation made the decision to continue and proceed with the implementation of ERPNext.

The partnership between Bren Corporation and Indictrans was marked by active collaboration and participation. Right from the initial Conference Room Pilot (CRP Stage), Bren Corporation provided valuable insights, ensuring that the ERPNext would be tailored to their specific needs. The technical expertise of Indictrans combined with Bren Corporation’s deep understanding of the domain resulted in a seamless implementation process.

One of the key modules implemented was ERPNext Human Resources. This module enabled Bren Corporation to track monthly attrition and new joiners, performance assessment, appraisal cycles, training and providing real-time reports in customized formats. This valuable information empowered the company to make informed decisions regarding workforce planning and talent management.

Additionally, Indictrans implemented the ERPNext Payroll module, which eased setting-up Multiple Salary Structure automated the creation of salary slips and streamlined the management of various payroll components such as PF, PT, and TDS filing. This automation not only reduced manual efforts but also improved accuracy and ensured compliance with statutory requirements.

The implementation of ERPNext brought forth numerous benefits for Bren Corporation. With the centralized real-time accessibility to data, decision-making became more efficient, and collaboration among teams improved significantly. The automation of business processes reduced the risk of human errors and increased operational efficiency. Bren Corporation now had visibility into statutory compliances, minimizing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties

Furthermore, the ERPNext modules empowered Bren Corporation to track the complete lifecycle of employees, from recruitment and onboarding to performance management and separations. This streamlined HR processes and improved employee management. The tracking of group insurance on an employee level ensured timely renewals and enhanced risk management.

Through their partnership with Indictrans and the adoption of ERPNext, Bren Corporation successfully overcame the challenges they once faced. They transformed their operations, increased productivity, and made informed decisions for sustained growth and success in the real estate industry.

After the successful implementation, Bren Corporation organized a grand inauguration event to celebrate the project’s go-live. They invited Indictrans Team to attend the event in Bangalore as a gesture of appreciation. During the event, the implementation team from Indictrans was recognized and highlighted for their exceptional contribution to the project’s success.

The story of Bren Corporation and Indictrans serves as an inspiration for businesses seeking to revolutionize their operations through strategic partnerships and the implementation of innovative solutions. With the right vision, expertise, and collaboration, any company can achieve remarkable transformations and pave the way for a prosperous future.