The ERPNext Platform

The ERPNext platform is trusted by users across 60 countries & Available in 30+ languages. It is a simple, powerful and comprehensive ERP solution which is affordable and easy to use, that can be hosted on cloud or on premise. Built for small and medium sized businesses across the world ERPNext is PERFECT for GROWING COMPANIES. It is designed to grow with you. We provide the following functionalities:

Switch to the ERPNext Platform, which is trusted by users across 100+ countries and is available in 30+ languages. The ERPNext Platform has a host of built-in integrations that help SME and large enterprise businesses across the world to take off faster. Easy Migration from SAP/Oracle/Odoo/Microsoft Dynamics/Tally/Zoho to ERPNext

  • Web-Based
  • Device Agnostic
  • Easy configuration and customization
  • All Industry Suitable
  • Easy 3rd Party Integration


Customer Relationship
Management (CRM)

Why to invest on Licensed Sales Force version, Implement ERPNext CRM, it is one of the leading open source CRM which provides 360° view of your business. From generating leads and handling marketing campaigns till order completions ERPnext CRM offers you various features. 

  • It builds a centralised network.
  • helps you run marketing campaigns.
  • It provides omnichannel accessibility. 
  • Automates daily chores. 
  • Accessibility to prepare Quotations 
  • Quotation version tracking
  • Custom print formats and templates
  • Email campaigns for the targeted audience 
  • Dashboard for sales funnel 
  • Sales funnel tracking based on segmentations and sales stages.


Inventory Management

ERPNext is scientifically designed to monitor the perpetual inventory levels and stocks of a business enterprise. With the ERPNext platform, you never have to worry about your stock replenishing as it will automatically generate stock requests accordingly and will align with the principles of the Theory of Constraints (TOC).

  • Perpetual Inventory Management.
  • Reordering/Replenishment
  • KPIs to measure the effectiveness of your inventory management: Carrying Cost, Stockout, Dead Stock, Inventory Shrinkage, Inventory Turnover, Sales Return Rate and Supplier Quality.
  • Warehousing
  • Vendor/ Supplier Mangement
  • Rate Comparison
  • Purchase Request
  • Advanced RFID/IOT-based inventory management


Financial Accounting

An open-source bookkeeping software that includes everything you need to manage your organisation’s cash flows, right from recording the transactions to analysing financial reports and reconciliation.

  • GST Complaint 
  • Accounting Dimension – Track department level profitability
  • e-Invoicing enabled
  • Easy Transition from Tally/ Quickbooks to ERPNext
  • Flexible configuration 
  • Control the Budget
  • Management of expenses and liquidity.
  • Multi company setup 
  • Compliant with various taxes like VAT, etc.
  • Multiple Currency Accounting


Purchase Management

Keeping an organisation well-supplied requires effective purchase management. There must be a system in place to keep teams supplied with what they need, from purchase orders to inventory management. ERPNext helps you handel procurement process from Supplier Onboarding, Material Request till Material Receipt.

  • Supplier Onboarding and Management 
  • Compare the rates of suppliers
  • Self Service Portal Fro Suppliers
  • Purchase Orders
  • Generation of Material Request 
  • Material Receipt.


Sales Management

Sales management is a crucial process that generates revenue for a company. The ERPNext Platform helps you manage your organization’s sales processes from sales order generation to order fulfilment, along with sales quotations, sales orders, delivery notes, sales invoices, and debit notes, as well as their masters. 

  • Store each business variation in a different item variant.
  • Sales Quotation and Tracking
  • Sales Invoicing 
  • Debit Notes
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Record and reconcile advance payments in one go.


Asset Management

From acquisition to disposal, IT infrastructure to equipment, ERPNext makes asset management simple. Every branch of your company is covered by a single centralised system. To better manage assets, take use of the many capabilities bundled into a single application.

  • Mange Asset Lifecycle
  • QR Code/ Barcode enabled Asset Tagging
  • Manage purchase to perishment, IT infrastructure to equipment with one single tool.
  • Maintain Asset Inventory
  • Maintain Asset register.
  • Simplify Asset Procurement 
  • Auto Depreciation 
  • Scrap assets
  • Manage asset reporting


Project Management

Managing a project entails a variety of tasks and activities that must be recorded and followed up on. ERPNext project management aids in the planning, organisation, and administration of a project’s many aspects. 

  • Track all your projects, deadlines and progress with an all-in-one workspace.
  • Simplify your projects with less communication and 100% transparency.
  • Add tasks and assignments to your to-do-list.
  • Share multimedia like photos, videos and documents.
  • Keep task-tracking hassle free.
  • Store all your important documents, photos, files and videos at one place.
  • Sync all your email accounts and communicate smoothly with stakeholders and clients.
  • Analyse project budgets and expenses- all at one glance.
  • Simplify time-tracking and billing process.

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