13th Egg

“American roads aren’t great because America is rich; rather, America is rich because its roads are good.” – John F Kennedy

Thinking on similar lines, our services and processes thrive not just because we’re a recognized brand, but because our commitment and quality build a trustworthy name.

Recently, I needed to fix my broken laptop, not at a service center but was a kind of extended help. During a casual chat, I stumbled upon an intriguing concept. Think about buying a dozen eggs – if you get less than 12 or one is broken, you’re disappointed. If you get exactly 12, it’s a fair deal. But what if you get 13? Surprisingly, you’re overjoyed, yet you might think the shopkeeper is a bit foolish.

Getting that 13th egg is rare and intentional. It’s like receiving more than expected, ensuring you get what you paid for. This move, though unconventional, is aimed at providing value, similar to the strategies employed by mega e-commerce platforms. While it may seem like a loss, it’s a deliberate effort to attract and retain customers.

In a traditional sense, it might be considered a loss-making enterprise, but in today’s world of business and promotions, it’s a motivated and strategic move to build loyalty. Whereas some think beyond selling or business; they strive to show care and generosity as a their commitment to customer loyalty.

Customer Happiness

As a storyteller, I’ve encountered such scenarios – from a laundry man fixing buttons without a mention to a fruit vendor offering more than what I paid for. These small gestures create a sense of loyalty and connection.

We are surrounded by people and services that go that extra mile to fulfil our lives. These unbranded brands in our society establish themselves as loyal and trustworthy. Each organization and individual can find their own “13th Egg” – that extra touch or service that sets them apart. It’s about understanding what it is for us and how well we can offer it to our customers and to the society without being asked.

Credit: Sudhir Agrawal, StartUpB.