Being part of the Free and Open Source community, some years back we used to face two common questions, what is Free and Open Source Software and What is its relevance with ERP implementation? But now the situation is different, the companies are aware about the Free and Open Source software, its significance and advantage of a choice to go with one.

As it has been said Free and OpenSource is a way forward and truly it makes adopters free from restrictions which otherwise imposed by closed source or partly OpenSource softwares.

Free as in Freedom – Richard Stallman

According to the Report (The State of Enterprise Open Source) Published by Red Hat in 2022, out of 1296 Interviewed IT Leaders:

Above stats shows that there is increased adoption and reliability towards Open Source for better and same is the case with the Frappe and ERPNext too. ERPNext is proudly the only 100% Free and OpenSource ERP. With this adoption of the Frappe Framework and ERPNext, the need for more business apps is increasing, and many community members are building various applications using the framework. Why should not? Frappe is the most agile, no code, low code framework and ERPNext is a super awesome next generation ERP.

The Frappe team is continuously engaged in engineering the framework to be more robust, more scalable and more secure and lightweight and as well building and enhancing products along with ERPNext. This helps in a confident and reliable decision to go with Frappe/ERPNext, at the same time assured to be futuristic and engaging.

Do you know one of the best products Frappe has built? Yes, ERPNext. ERPNext is the super awesome product built on top of Frappe Framework [If you may not be aware about it]. Post monolithic architecture has broken last year, a series of applications started building addressing specific needs keeping ERPNext more lean focusing the Core functionalities, like an ecosystem, termed “Frappeverse“. All are 100% Free and Open Source. Let’s traverse the Frappeverse and take a quick glance of all apps and how useful those can be to you?

Frappe Insight:

With ERPNext or Frappe Apps, certainly data is growing and the need for analysis is the next concern or might be  next in your queue or probably you holds  your decision making to switch to ERPNext . Your concern has an Insightful solution now, Free and Open Source Frappe Insight. A Business Intelligence tool built on Frappe and that simplifies data analysis and reporting from various data sources.

It is user-friendly and addresses the challenge faced by non-technical users in extracting insights from data. Frappe Insights provides an accessible solution with an easy query builder, data visualisation capabilities, and compatibility with MariDB and PostgreSQL databases, with future plans to expand its database integrations, allowing non-technical users to perform data analysis independently.

Offers a Simple and Secure Data Connection, Easy Data Exploration, Customisable Visualisation, Interactive Dashboard and Supports Informed Alerts.

Frappe Insights is an open-source data visualisation and analytics tool that helps you to analyse and optimise your business. It has been designed for a predictable and great user experience.

Frappe Helpdesk:

Expanding business demands more post sales support or rather more dedicated help and support leads to increase in business but to cater and manage the same needs a reliable tool.

Frappe Helpdesk is an all-encompassing solution for effortless customer issue resolution and improved satisfaction. Its user-friendly interface and smart automation simplify customer support, featuring efficient ticket management, personalized interactions, and a robust self-service portal with a knowledge base. This empowers customers, reduces support costs, and builds stronger relationships while streamlining support processes for your team, ultimately delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Frappe Helpdesk offers an easy setup, clean user interface, and automation tools to resolve customer issues efficiently. It is based on Frappe Framework. It lets you streamline your company’s support and helps you to efficiently manage your customer queries.

Frappe LMS:

An LMS helps create consistent learning environments through centralised content. It offers ease of reporting and tracking, as well as the ability to drive engagement. Every growing organisation needs continuous training and learning to match with required skills and demand.

Frappe LMS is the top choice for an easy-to-use, open-source Learning Management System. It simplifies course creation, offers various lesson formats, and encourages student-instructor interaction through discussion sections. Interactive quizzes engage learners, and the clean user interface ensures a distraction-free environment. With its straightforward backend and analytics, Frappe LMS aims to make learning straightforward and effective for educators and students/ employees alike.

Frappe HR:

Human resources is the set of people who make up the workforce of an organisation, business sector, industry, or economy. A narrower concept is human capital, the knowledge and skills which the individuals command. To manage this crucial part of the business, needs a robust HR Management System.

Frappe HR is a modern, open-source HR and Payroll solution designed for simplicity and adaptability. It streamlines HR and payroll tasks, offering a user-friendly interface and a flexible framework for customization. Affordable and suitable for all levels within your organization, it covers a wide range of HR functions, from basic operations to advanced features like payroll processing and performance appraisals. With dependable support and a clutter-free experience, Frappe HR makes managing HR processes effortless and comprehensive.

Frappe HR has everything you need to drive excellence within the company. It’s a complete HRMS solution with over 13 different modules right from Employee Management, Onboarding, Leaves, to Payroll, Taxation, and more!

Frappe Cloud:

A Managed Cloud, service includes the management, maintenance, and support of the associated cloud resources by the service provider and we as a consumer of the service pay as per use. This is need of an hour to take away all required administrative and other associated concern to manage one by self to focus more on the expertise and core of the business.

Still some concerns remains at our responsibility such as data backups, time to time version upgrades and data security.

Frappe Cloud simplifies hosting Frappe Apps like ERPNext by providing a user-friendly dashboard, predictable pricing, and essential features. It eliminates the need to buy and configure servers, allowing you to focus on your business. With site monitoring for informed scaling decisions, custom app installation for unrestricted customization, seamless updates via GitHub, free SSL certificates, automated backups, and support for custom domains, Frappe Cloud offers a hassle-free and efficient hosting solution, making it easier than ever to manage your Frappe Apps.

Frappe Cloud is a managed hosting service purpose-built for Frappe Framework based sites. It helps you get rid of manual operations like setting up a server, installing dependencies, managing security upgrades, backups and timely version upgrades etc and comes with Quality and Information security both for the apps and cloud too.

Frappe Healthcare:

Frappe Health enhances ERPNext for healthcare institutions by seamlessly integrating with ERPNext and adhering to industry standards. Its core features encompass patient management, care services, clinical procedures, and laboratory management. It supports medical code standards, facility and department configuration, and integrates with ERPNext for broader functionality, including pharmacy management, human resources, accounting, and more. With role-based access, RESTful architecture, and a patient portal, Frappe Health enables healthcare providers to efficiently manage various aspects of healthcare through Frappe and ERPNext.

Frappe Wiki:

Documentation, Knowledge-base, Help Manual, Guidelines or Compliances and any such documentations and contents are essential part of streamlined organisation, be that to educate or help internal workforce or for the external consumers alike.

Frappe Wiki is a user-friendly knowledge-sharing application that offers several useful features. It allows you to save edits as drafts and has an optional approval mechanism for content contributions, ensuring quality control. The application maintains an audit log and generates a table of contents for easy navigation. It also supports custom scripting to tailor the user interface and offers a user-friendly “What You See Is What You Get” text editor, eliminating the need for complex markup languages. In essence, Frappe Wiki simplifies knowledge sharing and content creation, making it hassle-free and efficient.

Frappe Wiki is an Open Source Wiki app built on the Frappe Framework. It is well suited to serve dynamic, text-heavy content like documentation and knowledge base. It allows publishing small changes and even new pages on the fly without downtime. It also maintains revision history and has a change approval mechanism.

Frappe Drive:

Data Clouds are very much integral part of our growing IT centric infrastructure used to store data on internet accessible remote cloud with required authentication or permission. This has wide variety of players,  associating with each may be challenging in the future. But what if we get such arrangements within the choice of your framework? And answer is Yes. Recently announced tool will help with that, and within a framework will makes it’s access policy more streamlined.

Frappe Drive is a user-friendly document sharing and management solution packed with essential features, You can effortlessly upload and store files across various platforms. Organize your files and folders in List or Grid view and sort them according to your preference. Preview various file types, including images, videos, PDFs, and more. Collaborate seamlessly by sharing files or folders with others and managing their permissions. Share insights through comments on shared files. Access your frequently used files or folders by adding them to favorites. Easily locate any file or folder in your Drive using the Search Bar. Frappe Drive simplifies document sharing and management, making it a versatile tool for various needs.

Frappe Books:

Frappe Books is a user-friendly desktop accounting software tailored for freelancers and small businesses. What makes it unique is its desktop-first functionality, ensuring data privacy by securely storing financial information on your device without needing an internet connection. It’s both free and open source, allowing customisation. It offers features like customisable invoice creation, expense tracking, discount application, essential financial reports, quick search, multi-currency invoicing, and efficient inventory management. Its standout quality lies in its straightforward and enjoyable user interface, simplifying accounting tasks for users.

Frappe Books offers,

  • Local app, local database.
  • Simple and clean user interface.
  • Insightful Financial Reports.


Delightful, open-source, work communication tool for remote teams.

Frappe Gameplan is a communication tool designed for remote teams, focusing on thoughtful asynchronous discussions and knowledge organization. It allows categorization of conversations by projects and teams and integrates insights into project and team readme documents. With a clean layout, personalization options like emojis, individual profiles, and powerful search features, Gameplan ensures easy access to discussions and promotes an enjoyable user experience for remote work communication.

Gameplan allows you to categorise your discussions around projects and teams. It also doubles up as your team’s knowledge archive. You can surface important information and conclusions from your discussions into the readme’s of your projects and teams.

After learning about all these products, which one do you think would work best for you? We value your opinion and want to help you implement the right solution that suits your needs. Let’s work together to make things easier and more efficient for you. Your feedback is crucial, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.