Interested in knowing @ERPNext efficiency in managing conditional salary computations and bulk processing for a large workforce?

HR & Payroll of ERPNext is For You, an insightful webinar

Speaker: Karandeep Singh Renu, Karandeep a Frappe HR & Payroll Certified Functional Consultant. He is a seasoned expert in ERPNext. One of his remarkable achievements includes overseeing payroll processing for over 45,000 employees simultaneously, with diverse salary computation needs.

During this webinar, we will explore the following key topics:

🌟 External Recruitment

📈 Advanced Performance Appraisal

💰 Conditional Salary Computation

💼 Bulk Salary Processing

🔄 Runtime Salary Adjustments



00:00 Introduction to Webinar

06:01 Agenda

07:37 Payroll Processing

20:20 External Recruitment

29:45 Advance Performance Appraisal

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