Tired of Daily Intercompany Transaction Challenges? Discover the Ease with ERPNext…

Webinar: Intercompany Transactions Made Easy With #erpnext – Simplify Your Daily Transactions

🎙 Speaker: Manojkumar Zaparde, Certified Functional Consultant at Indictrans and a dedicated ERPNext Consultant with a flair for teaching. With 5 years in the ERP field and 3 years specifically in ERPNext, Manojkumar is ready to share insights.

🛒🚀 Here’s a sneak peek of what Manojkumar has covered:

🌐 Intercompany transactions for Branches

📋 Customer master setup

📦 Supplier master setup

🔄 Purchase Cycle

💸 Sales Cycle

📊 GST Effect

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