Celebrating Shraddha's 10th Work Anniversary

It is an honor and a privilege to celebrate my 10th work anniversary with the Indictrans Team. Ten years ago, I embarked on a journey filled with excitement, anticipation, and a bit of nervousness. Little did I know that this journey would unfold into an incredible chapter of my life, characterized by growth, learning, and invaluable relationships that evolved along the way.

I still remember that day; before joining Indictrans, I had two opportunities in hand. I was skeptical about whether to join Indictrans or the other organization. However, I chose to become a part of Indictrans and started my journey with them on 28th Jan 2014. I was hired as a Software Tester and later promoted to Senior QA. To improve my performance, I ensured to listen to everyone at the beginning of my journey, and I still follow this practice. I was fortunate enough to have considerate seniors who corrected me when I was wrong and patted my back when I had done something appreciable, which helped me grow.

1st Award in Indictrans

I remember the day when I was appreciated for Outstanding Performance and Lasting Contribution in 2016, based on my performance, knowledge, and experience.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with remarkable colleagues who have not only been my mentors or collaborators but also my close friends. Under the guidance of my mentors and the board of directors, Kanhaiya, Gupteshwer, and my friend and Project Manager Archana Kale, I learned many things. Their support, guidance, and companionship have contributed to shaping my professional

Certificate of Appreciation by StellApps

character and nurturing my personal growth.

However, as I gained knowledge and confidence, I always intended to imply my knowledge whenever I work rather than just follow instruction. Between 2017/18 and 2021, I got an opportunity to work on one of the complex and huge projects to prove again my QA skills. Each day has been a learning experience, filled with challenges. In these years, all project teams got recognized, and I was part of that recognition.

I have been part of Indictrans since its initial stage of growth, witnessing firsthand the evolution of the organization. The growth has been organic, not only for Indictrans as a whole but also for the personal development of the management team and us, the employees. The ups and downs within the organization have taught us valuable lessons about what works, what doesn’t, and areas where we need improvement or can focus more.

During these years, we not only focused on working but also had fun. I was part of amazing adventure outings organized by Indictrans and my superb team members. These outings not only allowed us to break free from the monotony of our daily routines but also provided us with invaluable opportunities to connect with nature andAdventure Sports with Indictrans Team

bond with team members. Moreover, these adventures have served as catalysts for personal growth, self-discovery, and inspiration. In this decade, I experienced “Scuba Diving,” “Zip-Line and Rope-Activities.”

In these 10 years of my journey, we celebrated “Indictrans 10th Anniversary” in 2019, and I was part of that moment. Directors shared their journey on ‘How they formed this organization.’ That was a time not only to celebrate our achievements but also to acknowledge the vision, dedication, and unwavering efforts of our directors in shaping the course of our organization’s history.

Their vision was not merely to build a business but to create a legacy of excellence and integrity that would stand the test of time. The journey was not without its setbacks and moments of doubt. Yet, in the face of adversity, our directors remained steadfast in their resolve.

StellApps Team who won the Price

At the heart of every successful project lies a diverse and talented group of individuals who bring their unique skills, perspectives, and experiences to the table. From project managers and engineers to designers and analysts, it is the collective expertise and passion of our teams that have propelled us to new heights of excellence. I must also acknowledge the pivotal role played by the culture of Indictrans in

Indictrans Team in Pandemic

our success. While clients are undeniably important to us, we equally value the role of our employees. Management consistently considers both the perspective of the customer and that of the employees. They give equal weightage to the needs and satisfaction of both, recognizing that a harmonious balance contributes significantly to our overall success.

In the face of unprecedented challenges brought forth by the global pandemic, our team stood united, resilient, and determined to overcome obstacles and deliver excellence. Despite the physical distance that separated us, we remained connected virtually, leveraging technology to bridge the gap and continue our journey towards project success.

Today, I hold the position of ‘HyperCare Lead’ and Customer Success Manager (CSM) within the department. As a lead, I make decisions while ensuring to consider others’ opinions, aiming to accomplish tasks in the best interest of our organization. As articulated by the directors, the vision for this role is that in every organization, the CSM successfully on-boards customers. However, here at Indictrans, my focus is primarily on the post-implementation and go-live success of customer projects. I am dedicated to supporting customers after the implementation phase, I ensure after implementation customer are getting qualitative service, providing consultation on new product features suitable for their businesses, team is assisting customers with their queries, ensuring customers are benefits with product in long run as well.

Indictrans Core Team & Managers

In essence, the success of both an organization and its customers is intrinsically linked to the collective efforts, skills, and collaboration of the team.

To the organization, to Indictrans, I extend my deepest gratitude for believing in me, for investing in my growth, and for providing me with the platform to realize my full potential. Your trust and confidence in me have been the driving force behind my achievements, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Thank you, Indictrans and all team members, for your unwavering trust and support throughout my journey.

Let’s grow together!

Indictrans Team Members