We developed this custom solution to work for a bakery. It has a normal retail outlet and one special
counter to handle advance orders for configure to order cakes. This solution specifically deals with POS
for advance orders. There were few of definitions to handle over a POS,

  • Standard cake ordering
  • Occasional cake ordering
  • Custom cake ordering
  • Payments
  • Approvals
  • Rentals

Standard cake ordering

Some of the cakes which are pre-defined and comes in sizes. The user has to choose an appropriate cake
and size of the choice. These are pretty standard items and one has to choose to order it. This comes
with the various Categories and Subcategories as the first level of selection. This includes categories
ranging from like Cakes and various bakery confectionaries. A subcategory is optional and configurable
to have it or not. Further to the first level of selection than we have further a choice of sizes. So, one
item may have all category, subcategory and size or category and size or just category. Based on it’s
definition interface helps with further options to choose and select the particular item to add to cart.
This further captures name on the cake and special instruction if any. Special instruction is for
sometimes direction, sometimes for allergies for specific item etc.. In addition to this selection there is a
further application of decorations like Subjects, Flowers or some figurines etc.. it captures details about
it. With this selection, user adds one item to cart.

Occasional Cakes

The occasional cake is treated specifically but it’s category in general. Than it has further sub categories
for example Album (we choose a cake from the album of cake), or wedding cake or wedding anniversary
cake or something of such defined special occasion. Occasional Cakes has specifically defined cakes
which would be baked for a particular size of choice (not-predefined). There is a special album to choose
from as per occasions. The user can instruct further on the message of the cakes and instructions if any.
Than user as well can add decorations like subjects, flowers, and some figurines etc.. it captures the
details about it. With this selection, user adds one item to cart.

Custom Cake and Pricing Approval

The custom cake is completely custom as it’s name suggests. So, the user has to define starting from
base till the layers, it’s definition and entire cake details. It captures details like Flavour, Cream,
Decoration, Theme, Frosting, Gender, Age group and number of people it required for. The user can
specify the number of layers cake will have and define the details about each layer Flavour, Color,
Shape, and Details. In general, the user can add a message on the cake and special instructions if any.
A custom cake doesn’t have price pre-defined but will be defined by a manager from the choices
customer has made. So, next step post cake is added to cart is to sent to approval from the manager
with reason “Approval for custom cake”. Once approval is in place cashier gets a view to seeing all
approval statuses. The manager gets an email notification and special approval screen to see all the
details customer has chosen for the custom cake where manager decides the price of the item and as
well adds any rental item to be leased with the cake.

Once approval is in place cart is get updated with the price of the cake and customer may proceed for
the payment. This can happen back to back or with a delay so once cashier will check back the status of
an approval and decide to go ahead with billing.

Invoice Full Payment

This case customer is willing to make a full payment towards an order. There is, however, a choice
customer can make to pay part where the customer has to pay 70% of the order amount to confirm an
order, the customer has second choice to request for Full Credit and discount on the total order in % or
amount. Both case system needs a manager approval to process an order. So, the cashier has to send a
request for an approval if customer demands otherwise full payment is a normal process and generates
an invoice copy with all details to pick up the cake on desired date and time.
Payment is allowed in multiple currencies and the user can make a choice to pay in any of the supported
currency as well there is a choice to make a payment by Cash, Credit Card or Cheque/DD.

Invoice Partial Payment

Customer who has made the partial payment (made just minimal order amount clearance) on ordering a
cake has to pay full payment before picking up an ordered item. This screen helps with remaining part
payment. So, the first cashier has to load an order looking into the receipt number allotted to the
customer. Than he may proceed with the general payment process.

Invoice Discounting

Customer requests for the discounts have to go through manager approval. A cashier can only request
for the discounts and could not give one straight away. So, all required request is captured in the
manager approval form and send it over for approval to respective manager.
The cashier has a window to keep an update on the request and manager gets a notification of requests.
The manager can visit the request page and check the details of order and order amount and request
discount details. He can make a choice what could be offered and approves a request. Now, the
customer either has to agree on the approved amount or just re-request or leave the order.
This flow shows a successful discount sample.

Rental Return

The customer can ask for certain rental items with Custom Cake. Same has an association with deposits
to be paid. While returning rentals items a customer can claim the refunds. So, in that case, manager
verifies the state of rental and decides how much amount to be refunded to the customer. Amount left
after refund will be updated in customers account for payment towards a rental service.

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