HR & Payroll of ERPNext For You

HR & Payroll Webinar

Interested in knowing @ERPNext efficiency in managing conditional salary computations and bulk processing for a large workforce? HR & Payroll of ERPNext is For You, an insightful webinar Speaker: Karandeep Singh Renu, Karandeep a Frappe HR & Payroll Certified Functional Consultant. He is a seasoned expert in ERPNext. One of his remarkable achievements includes overseeing […]

Optimizing Retail Operations with ERPNext Point of Sale (POS)

Did you know that data generated from POS transactions accounts for 51% of retailers’ most valuable information (according to The Motley Fool)? 💰📊 However, many organizations are using POS systems which are proprietary, and which requires costly license renewals. Why invest heavily in such systems when open-source POS solutions are readily available? 💡💸 Discover the […]

Intercompany Transactions Made Easy With ERPNext – Simplify Your Daily Transactions


Tired of Daily Intercompany Transaction Challenges? Discover the Ease with ERPNext… Webinar: Intercompany Transactions Made Easy With #erpnext – Simplify Your Daily Transactions 🎙 Speaker: Manojkumar Zaparde, Certified Functional Consultant at Indictrans and a dedicated ERPNext Consultant with a flair for teaching. With 5 years in the ERP field and 3 years specifically in ERPNext, […]

Essential Strategies for Successful ERPNext Implementation


🌐 #webinarrecap : Essential Strategies for Successful ERPNext #Implementation In case you missed it, our recent webinar shed light on the intricate world of ERPNext implementation, hosted by the Aachal Dhote, a seasoned ERPNext expert and Business Analyst at Indictrans. Here’s a glimpse of what was covered: 🎯 Critical Aspects of ERPNext Implementation 🚀 Success and Failure in ERP Implementation 🏆 […]