The ERPNext Conference 2023 was a significant gathering of CXOs, Industry Professionals, Experts, Public Sector HOD and Enthusiasts, hosted in the beautiful location of Mauritius. A quote says, ‘Networking is not about collecting contacts; networking is about building relationships’, and this event was a perfect example of how networking can bring together like-minded individuals to share knowledge, ideas, and inspiration.”

As the women in lead, Varuna Bangaleea, the CEO of nVisionIT Mauritius, set the tone for the conference and spoke about the ERPNext and its importance in the modern business landscape, in continuation Prabhat Singh from Frappe shared the inspiring journey of ERPNext and how the team has innovated a product that would revolutionize business management. Prabhat Singh has shared the story of the inspiring journey of ERPNext and further Bopanna Ganapathy shared the benefits of ERPNext and how it will revolutionize business management.


Kanhaiya Kale once said, “What a leader would be who just speaks about the product features and doesn’t talk about how it has benefited the clients”. Kanhaiya Kale and Krishank Pawar have explained case studies of how ERPNext has helped digitise government organizations and private sector organizations case studies. To ignite the interest in ERPNext, Krishank Pawar gave an outstanding demo of the ERPNext product it was a highlight of the conference, leaving attendees buzzing with excitement.

Now the question was how nVisionIT, Indictrans, and Frappe (ERPNext) would help enterprises across Mauritius and South Africa. Hence, Ashvin Ujhoodha took the stage and explained how we will work together to bring awareness, educate people, and onboard customers.



What is the point in explaining your product and not letting people ask questions and discussions, we let the day continue with lively discussions as attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and share their experiences with ERPNext.


In conclusion, the ERPNext Conference 2023 in Mauritius was a truly inspiring event, showcasing the power of collaboration and the impact that ERPNext can have on organizations of all sizes. Against the backdrop of one of the world’s most beautiful destinations, attendees connected, learned, and left with a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm for the future of ERPNext.

If you have missed the conference, you can check the glimpses of the conference. Here is the link

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  1. Very well written, guys. Yes, definitely it was a great meet-up. Lot to do and miles to go.
    Thank you.

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