“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” Henry Ford Quoted:

Indictrans understands the significance of unity and collaboration. With team members dispersed across different locations due to the remote work setup, Indictrans organizes quarterly offsite events to bring everyone together and create a strong team bond. These offsite meetings serve as a platform for team members to engage in fruitful discussions about their work, share challenges faced in projects, exchange innovative ideas, and foster connections with new colleagues. These events are especially crucial in the current work-from-home scenario, providing an invaluable opportunity for team members to connect despite their physical distances.

The three-day event took place at the picturesque Sterling Nature Trail Resort in Khopoli, offering a perfect backdrop for a memorable gathering. The offsite meet went beyond sessions and presentations, providing an immersive experience filled with engaging activities and meaningful interactions. The meet began with a discussion led by Krishank, renowned for his expertise in exploring and explaining ERPNext functionalities, on the latest version of ERPNext.

During our previous offsite, During the offsite, Indictrans made the significant decision to establish a department called TCoE (Technology Center of Excellence), which will be overseen by a dedicated functional team. The primary objectives of TCoE include developing IPs, improving code quality, building valuable resources, and fostering innovation within the organization. Afshan, under the guidance of Gupteshwar, has been appointed to lead this initiative. In detail, Afshan discussed the policies and outlined the role and involvement of other team members in TCoE, emphasizing the collaborative nature of this venture. 

As Indictrans continues to expand its presence in the enterprise market segment, the team recognizes the importance of having the right capacity and the required knowledge. To identify the areas where Indictrans need to focus more to cater the enterprise market we organized an open brainstorming activity of cross functional teams. Indictrans encourages a free flow of thinking and idea generation among individuals, and this time, the focus was on collective brainstorming. Four groups, consisting of cross-functional teams, were formed and given the task of understanding the current strengths and weaknesses of the organization. Their objective was to develop 5 best ideas and plans for Indictrans to concentrate on in the future to successfully venture into the enterprise market segment. The team enthusiastically delved into the task, generating workable plans and ideas that would shape the organization’s future endeavors.

The team had the privilege of listening to a captivating guest speaker, Mr. Shankar, who drew parallels between cricket and a few essential habits from the book “7 Habits of Highly Influential People.” Through his session, he emphasized the power of proactive thinking, effective communication, prioritizing what’s important and what’s urgent, continuous improvement using the examples of the great persons we know, APJ Abdul Kalam, Dhoni and Ramkrishna Paramhansa, leaving the team spellbound and eager for more valuable insights.

To keep the energy high, the organizing team planned an exhilarating treasure hunt during the offsite. This exciting activity not only sparked friendly rivalries but also created a memorable evening of teamwork and excitement. While the thrill of competition was present, what mattered most was the enjoyment experienced by everyone involved, highlighting the importance of collective engagement and shared experiences.


The second day commenced with thrilling outdoor activities, including zip-lining, traversing a tier bridge, conquering wooden walls, and enjoying a refreshing dip in the pool.

The Insightful sessions on managing a strong team, led by top management team Ashish, Kanhaiya, Gupteshwar, and Narendra. The team has introduced a Tool (Based on ERPNext of course) for better management of projects. The session objective was to imbibe the use of Project Management Tool and how it can help in more efficiency in work and project budgeting and costing. 

After session, a thrilling game called “Kaun Banega ERPNextPati”, led by Krishank, the game sparked curiosity and intensified the competition among teams. The questions revolved around ERPNext, covering functional, technical, and DevOps aspects, and showcased real-world use cases. As Krishank aptly put it, each question had multiple answers, challenging teams to think holistically. The surprising victory of the team ranked last served as a powerful reminder of the importance of seizing opportunities with knowledge and perfect timing.

The evening featured an engaging “Ask Us Anything” session, fostering an open and inclusive atmosphere where everyone had the opportunity to ask questions directly to anyone in the organization. As a flat organization, we value the free flow of thoughts and encourage active participation. The questions covered a wide range of topics, including organizational policies, processes, and practices. It also provided a platform for sharing grievances, complaints, and concrete suggestions, ensuring that every voice was heard and valued.






The evening came to a delightful close as the hidden singers showcased their melodious voices accompanied by the beautiful tunes of the synthesizer. This enchanting musical session revealed the hidden talents within our team, fostering an atmosphere of laughter, joy, and pure enjoyment.

The final day kicked off with an engaging session on Personal Branding and Marketing, led by Tejas. The session explored the impact of personal branding on individuals and the organization, as well as the current marketing strategies and upcoming plans. The team actively participated providing valuable suggestions and proposing exciting new options and activities for future events.

The last session was of takeaway, Team has shared what are the takeaways from the offsite what are the feedback and suggestion for next offsite. Many shared what they gain from this offsite, how bonds are strengthen and how enhanced coordination among colleagues. With cherished memories and a joyful group photo, the team bid farewell to the offsite, carrying with them a treasury of happy moments.

Indictrans Offsite Meet June 2023 exemplified the company’s commitment to fostering collaboration, nurturing innovation, and building strong relationships. By providing a platform for team members to connect, share knowledge, and enjoy memorable experiences, Indictrans cultivates a thriving work culture that propels the organization to greater heights.

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