My 10th Work Anniversary

10th Work Anniversary

It is an honor and a privilege to celebrate my 10th work anniversary with the Indictrans Team. Ten years ago, I embarked on a journey filled with excitement, anticipation, and a bit of nervousness. Little did I know that this journey would unfold into an incredible chapter of my life, characterized by growth, learning, and […]

It is still Day 1

ERPNext Planning

The entrepreneurial journey is a lengthy one, and consistent effort is the key to success. As someone wise once said, “It is still day 1,” reminding us to persevere relentlessly. The year 2023 ushered in numerous impactful events. It was a period where our focus shifted entirely from SMEs to Enterprises—a challenging transition. Each step […]

13th Egg

13th Egg

“American roads aren’t great because America is rich; rather, America is rich because its roads are good.” – John F Kennedy Thinking on similar lines, our services and processes thrive not just because we’re a recognized brand, but because our commitment and quality build a trustworthy name. Recently, I needed to fix my broken laptop, […]

Empowering Government Digitization with Open Source: A Deep Dive into ERPNext

Government Work

E-governance is the only way to move from good governance to proactive pro-people good governance (P2G2). — Narendra Modi The digitization of government operations is not just a trend but a necessity. With the rise of digitization in governance, the facilitation of citizen services and ease of doing business have increased. However, this digitization has […]

Navigating the Transition: From SME Mindset to Enterprise Success

Navigating the Transition: From SME Mindset to Enterprise Success

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, we, at Indictrans, find ourselves at a crucial crossroads. For years, we’ve been a bootstrap organization, channeling our earnings back into our growth. Our journey has been one of organic growth, where we’ve embraced every experience as a learning opportunity. While we’ve been fortunate to have mentors and advisors […]

Frappeverse: Where Quality Meets Innovation


Being part of the Free and Open Source community, some years back we used to face two common questions, what is Free and Open Source Software and What is its relevance with ERP implementation? But now the situation is different, the companies are aware about the Free and Open Source software, its significance and advantage […]

My Reflections on Frappeverse 2023

Amazing, Just witnessed an ever before huge conference, at ever before huge venue, branding, contents, marketing and ever active sponsor desks, outpouring network from all ends at recently concluded Frappeverse 2023. As I heard about the Frappeverse first, it just strikes to my mind that all partners are supposed to have their own space stations […]

Frappe Local (Conference) Pune 2023

Indictrans, in collaboration with Frappe, successfully organized the Frappe Local Pune 2023 conference. The event garnered significant acclaim, attracting a robust attendance of over 40 enthusiastic participants. The event featured enlightening presentations focused on the Manufacturing, Trading, and EPC sectors. Furthermore, the chance to engage with fellow ERPNext enthusiasts contributed to the event’s triumphant outcome. […]

Indictrans Offsite Meet June 2023: Fostering Collaboration, Nurturing Innovation, and Building Strong Relationships

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” Henry Ford Quoted: Indictrans understands the significance of unity and collaboration. With team members dispersed across different locations due to the remote work setup, Indictrans organizes quarterly offsite events to bring everyone together and create a strong team bond. These offsite […]

Exploring the Power of ERPNext: Highlights from the Mauritius Conference 2023

The ERPNext Conference 2023 was a significant gathering of CXOs, Industry Professionals, Experts, Public Sector HOD and Enthusiasts, hosted in the beautiful location of Mauritius. A quote says, ‘Networking is not about collecting contacts; networking is about building relationships’, and this event was a perfect example of how networking can bring together like-minded individuals to […]