ERPNext, the Catalyst Behind A Leading Electronics Manufacturing Company

This case study explores into the transformative journey of an Emerging Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) company based in India. The organization, which caters to a wide range of industries, has over 100 concurrent users and anticipates a threefold increase in users over the next five years. Prior to adopting ERPNext, the company relied heavily on […]

Advance order point of sale (POS)

We developed this custom solution to work for a bakery. It has a normal retail outlet and one specialcounter to handle advance orders for configure to order cakes. This solution specifically deals with POSfor advance orders. There were few of definitions to handle over a POS, Standard cake ordering Occasional cake ordering Custom cake ordering […]

ERPNext Meetup @ Indictrans, Pune

This was Pune’s 1st ERPNext meet up and it was organized by Indictrans Team on 14th January 2017. Itwas a good experience to organize this event and we would like to thank you all for making it a success.It was heartening to receive an unexpected participation from over ~40 people. The attending crowdconsisted of people […]

ERPNext and Third-Party Integration

Sometimes it is hard to believe one fits all solutions due to various constraints and requirements of thecustomers. In such cases, preference goes with collaborating two or more systems together to deliverconsolidated feature outcomes. This needs an integration among the application to maintainconsistency, integrity and completeness of the data always. Many applications catering to various […]

Saloon Management System on ERPNext Platform

Since long time, Indictrans Team is working on ERPNextplatform and developed many solutions for various clients and partners. Indictrans has grown expertise in customization, new app development, integration, training, consultancy and support. The team is very well known for solutions in domains like Manufacturing, Retail, Service, etc. This happened due to vast level of work […]